Aug 09

The Ever-growing World of Techno and DJ Culture

Pop music has changed drastically over the years… This country has seen everything from hair metal groups to boy bands dominate the scene, with many different genres filling the role of America’s most listened to jams. Today, however, there’s a new type of music filling the airwaves- techno. Techno got its roots back in the 80’s, but it’s been turned into an entirely individual and modern brand. It comes in a variety of unique flavors and many fans immersed in DJ culture could tell you the nuances and differences in each one.

Techno is one hundred percent the music of the modern world. Trading drums for keyboards and guitars for turntables, a techno artist (called a DJ) can create entire albums without ever leaving his computer. This may cause one to think that DJing is easy, but the truth is that it’s a style of music just like any other, and takes lots of practice, hard work, and a little bit of natural talent. DJ’s may be springing up worldwide, but there’s a reason that the average listener has only heard of a handful of them.

Techno and DJ

And even if you haven’t heard of some of the big names in techno, you’ve undoubtedly heard the genre creeping into others. The heavy rock group Korn has made their latest album with the help of mainstream dubstep legend Skrillex, and most R&B and rap artists have a little techno sprinkled into their songs as well.

The coolest thing about this genre of music, though, is the lifestyle that surrounds it. DJ culture, unlike the once ultra-violent rap culture or the former drug-heavy rock & roll lifestyle, is centered around dancing, letting go, and having a good time. Techno is a language that is universally spoken, and one would feel as at home at a rave in Amsterdam as they would in Milwaukee. At a techno show, you would find concert-goers moving and flowing with the music, enjoying their favorite artists as much as the artists enjoy them. DJ culture has its own style, too… bright, colorful clothes in sharp tints, reminiscent of the flashy strobe lights that accompany a high energy concert.

Just like teens in the 60’s went crazy over the Beatles, kids today are going crazy over DJ’s, immersing themselves in DJ culture and becoming one with the music, enjoying life and living every day to the fullest. Techno is new, exciting, and full of energy, truly the music of the new millennium.